How to Detox Smokers Lungs

Do you want healthy pink lungs? This short video contains important information about how to detox smokers lungs using natural remedies. Thankfully, you can repair a lot of the damage done through smoking and go back to a healthy pink lung. To get the full benefits you should give up smoking. I have a couple of articles you might like to read that will help. 10-effective-home-remedies-to-stop-you-smoking and top-10-natural-remedies-to-help-stop-smoking. The remedy about Lobelia (below)  is just one taken from the articles.  I also have another remedy which I am currently researching that will help with the nicotine addiction.   So keep checking back.
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Lobelia – helps to reduce nicotine addiction (very effective)

Lobelia contains an active ingredient called lobeline that is believed to help reduce the effects of nicotine in the body, especially the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine.
Lobelia is available in the market in the form of a vinegar tincture. The typical dosage is 20 to 60 drops of the tincture three times daily.
It is best to begin with a lower dosage like three to five drops and gradually increase it. As lobelia is highly toxic, it is advisable to use this herb under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner.
Note: People with heart disease or high blood pressure should not take this herb. Pregnant and nursing women and children also should not take Lobelia.

Check out these articles for more remedies to help you quit. 10-effective-home-remedies-to-stop-you-smoking and top-10-natural-remedies-to-help-stop-smoking


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