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Here is a detox drink with a bit of a kick. It’s a refreshing, healthy beverage from Emily at Louisiana Bride. According to Emily, she finds this recipe particularly helpful if you are suffering from bloat. She also recommends high water foods too such as watermelon and celery. If you want a little sweetness, add some watermelon or honeydew melon. Enjoy.

Cucumbers are excellent for detoxing because they are mainly water. They flush out bloat and help with hydration. They are also full of electrolytes and help reduce inflammation. Cucumbers are also high in vitamin A, C, K, calcium, and potassium. [source]

Ginger is great for nausea, digestion, and as a decongestant.

Cayenne pepper is anti-flu, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, aids in digestion, a pain reliever, and is great for a sore throat. It is also wonderful for detoxing because it is considered a circulatory stimulant. You can read more about cayenne pepper here.

Lime juice is a good source of vitamin C and helps to cure scurvy and gout. According to lime contains acids that breakdown the macro molecules of food, it also stimulates the digestive system and increases the amount of digestive juices. Plus it’s good for your skin!

Parsley contains vitamin A, C, and K which aids in having a healthy immune system.

Basically when it comes to real food you can’t go wrong. I just know that when I’m feeling bloated I go for high water foods like cucumber, celery, watermelon, and other melons.

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