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How to Make Your Own Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden
I love my mason jars. I am not sure where this irrational feeling comes from. They are only glass jars. Maybe it’s because they are a reminder of a by-gone era when life was simple. Anyway, I digress. I recently saw this really cool hack over at  It’s a indoor herb garden using mason jars. It’s a Pretty cool idea. If you read down further you will find out how to make your own. I have also added as a bonus a really helpful video. These guys are brilliant and will give you essential additional tips that I recommend you watch.  Depending on your learning style you can skip the written instructions and jump straight to the video.  Enjoy!


  1. Amber Yurcich Reply

    Kelly Day How cute is this, since we may be having a funeral for Vivs garden soon! Lol

  2. Mia M M Ricketson Reply

    Remember to leave 1″ of small stones or gl$#%&!@* pebbles in the bottom of the jar to keep it drained and to prevent root-rot.

  3. Kathleen Boggs Reply

    I am afraid baby food jars don’t leave room for drainage/root growth:/

  4. Renee A Bernier Reply

    Got my jars from storage last night. Got my seeds dirt and shelf ready to go

  5. Michelle King Reply

    LOL, I could burn through this “herb supply” in one night’s salad dressing.I don’t even try to do a Kitchen Window garden, I need full-on flower pots for my herbs 🙂

  6. Zeimet Pamela Reply

    Plenty of gravel in the bottom for drainage and variety so you can rotate your usage

  7. Zeimet Pamela Reply

    Make sure you have enough gravel in the bottom for drainage and watched through the gl$#%&!@* through the drainage into the rock

  8. Zeimet Pamela Reply

    I would think you need enough gravel in the bottom at least an inch and you would want more than one of the herbs that you were going to use the most of

  9. Not in a jar… It can’t drain
    Gravel r no gravel. It needs holes and u can’t punch holes in a jar. Sorry ur wrong!

  10. Aline Conner Reply

    Carolyn, you could do a few of these in your kitchen window.

  11. Debbie Widger Reply

    Cindy Johnson,Tina Goodson,I will make these for you both

  12. Tricia Merrill Morgan Reply

    I love this, but we don’t get enough sun in our house anywhere – boo. Even the backyard is completely shaded.

  13. Chrystal Mangold Caudle Reply

    I started laughing even before I saw your comment….the possibilities are endless! 🙂

  14. Lisa Manske Reply

    I don’t see this working very well long-term. Very few herbs grow well indoors and by the time you thin the seedlings, you’re going to have one large plant in a gl$#%&!@* jar with no drainage and very little room to grow.

  15. Hae Sung Whang-Hsu Reply

    What happens to the drained water in between the rocks on the bottom? Water doesn’t just sit there to rot?

  16. Rocks or not, this is not healthy for the roots. Mold will happen. It’s a gl$#%&!@* jar with water in the sun. It’s great to come up with cool looking ideas but they need to be practical.

  17. One thing that herbs hate is being overwatered. You will have much better luck in a pot that is larger and has drainage holes at the bottom. they like sandier soil also….

  18. Dirt isn’t clear! Roots should not be exposed to sun. No drain option. What is going to happen to all the salt buildup that you can’t flush? Nute lock and root-rot. Not a good idea. Only way to transplant is to either submerge the jar and hope to not drown the roots and loosen them to extract the plant, or smash the jar. Drill holes and paint gl$#%&!@* if you MUST do this.

  19. I’ve tried this and it definitely does not work. Even with gravel or rocks in the bottom. The excess water in the gravel or at the very bottom in the soil will become stagnant because it cannot drain or get air and will cause mold which will then in turn rot the roots. Only certain plants can grow in pots with no drainage holes and herbs are definitely not one of those! Just my experience.

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