Green Banana

Did you know that lack of enough sleep affects your mood, physical health, mental health, sex life, and even the overall quality of life? An additional hour of quality sleep can make a big difference in your life. Today, sleeping pills are commonly used to improve the quality of sleep, but the side effects of these pills are scaring. Does this mean despair? No. THE HEARTY SOUL has come up with a revolutionary technique that will optimize your sleep instantly: the cinnamon banana recipe. Remember, better sleep translates to improved productivity and emotional balance.

Whether you have tried sleeping pills to no avail or falling asleep has been an impossible (and rather unreachable) dream, this recipe will answer all your woes with the least hassle. The method is handy in maximizing your sleeping hours, even if you are affected by insomnia, shift work, poor sleep or jet lag. Want to learn more about this magical recipe? Scroll down to next page;

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