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A strange article caught my attention recently about the lengths women go to keep their skin beautiful. Apparently, putting beef fat or tallow on your face and body makes a good moisturizer. This does seem like a weird tip, but,considering some of the other strange ingredients some women put on their faces such as bee venom, urine, “vampire blood” or placenta, beef fat does not seem so bizarre. And just be clear, the treatment does not require you to place a slab of prime beef on your face!

Don’t let me put you off tallow, it does have a fan base of users that swear by it. Read the rest of the article and do a little research, it might actually help you.


Beef fat or tallow has actually been used as a natural emollient for eons. Back in the days our ancient foremothers used tallow to make candles, soap, cleaners and, yes, lotions and even lip balms. This is all natural, you say? Yes! There are no harsh chemicals like sulfates and phthalates, and using cow parts does sound a lot more wholesome than oil-based petroleum products (that’s what Vaseline is!).

In using the tallow or beef fat most people render the fat first, a process which clarifies it, and then use it as a base for other ingredients, like herbs, scents and other emollients. Proponents say you must use only the fat of grass-fed and pastured cows, as their higher nutrient profile will enhance your skin, and the fat, factory-farmed animal is full of harmful hormones and antibiotics. The end result is a smooth, non-beef-scented, light face cream. (And hey, if you start with a milk facial and follow it with a whipped cream body butter, then you’ll get the full bovine experience!)

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