Chocolate lovers, rejoice: researchers have found that eating chocolate can have a positive impact on your health. In a study involving nearly 158,000 men and women, they determined that a correlation existed between the consumption of chocolate and a diminished risk of stroke and heart attacks.
While news about incorporating chocolate into the diet is nothing new, many people might be surprised that this study found that milk chocolate, which is often considered dark chocolate’s evil twin, is also healthy. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be so quick to pass on chocolate no matter what kind it is. Instead, you can enjoy some on a daily basis just like those in the study did. Compared to those who didn’t eat any types of chocolate, those who ingested the highest levels of it regularly (with the average being 7g daily) had a 25 percent lower risk of experiencing any cardiovascular disease episode and a 23 percent lower risk of stroke.
Why is milk chocolate also beneficial? The experts suggest that the presence of flavonoids and milk ingredients like fatty acids and calcium play a role.
Chocolate need not be avoided by those “concerned about cardiovascular risk”
Cumulative evidence suggests that higher chocolate intake is associated with a lower risk of future cardiovascular events…There does not appear to be any evidence to say that chocolate should be avoided in those who are concerned about cardiovascular risk.
Medical expert responds to study, notes importance of flavonoids in diet
Flavonoids contribute to reductions in blood pressure while also boosting blood flow to the heart and brain. Furthermore, they also fight cell damage, improve thinking ability and prevent blood clots. Dark chocolate with this higher percentage, he suggests, is a better option than milk chocolate.
Go ahead and be sure to include more chocolate in your diet. Know that chocolate has a multitude of health benefits that make it well worth eating more often.

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