Though we may not possibly have nine lives, you can add seven long years to your life by simply setting on foot and walking whenever you can!
A short 25-minute walk can go way beyond in giving you the benefits of walking as an exercise, since it can significantly lower the risk of death due to a heart attack. Do you know what’s more surprising? Research shows that even those who actually did not exercise and paid attention to their health until they reached 70 years old still stands a chance.
It’s truly never too late to do anything that needs to be done and you want to do in this life. So if you wish to live longer and savor more wonderful days in this mysterious world, walk effortlessly or jog your way towards a beautiful life! For a deeper understanding, read the full article that holds this amazing fact at dailymail.co.uk¬†and start counting 7 more years to live life to the fullest!
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