Every time I see this video it really grosses me out!

People, if this does not put you off smoking, I am not sure what will!

I was visiting my sister in the hospital recently and got chatting with a patient in the next bed, called Linda. She was an attractive, vivacious woman in her late forties. In conversation, she told that she had lung cancer and the prognosis was not good. However, she was hoping to leave the hospital and enjoy what was left of her life.

Linda told me she started smoking in her early twenties and smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. Linda’s daughter kept asking her to give up but she loved smoking and found it hard.

However, when she fell ill and was told she had lung cancer, she wished she had never lit-up a cigarette.

As the days went by, I continued seeing Linda and had long meaningful conversations.

I was so happy when she finally said she was being allowed home.

The next day, I visited my sister and saw that Linda’s bay was empty and was glad that she had finally gone home.

I asked the nurse what time she left, only to be told she had died during the early hours of the morning.

I was truly sad. Sad for Linda, and for her young family.

I really hope this video shocks you into taking action.

It was too late for Linda, but it is not too late for you.

Please watch the video on page 2. You will also find a link to remedies.

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