3 Remedies for FAST relief of Rhumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Pain

Traditional folk medicine plays an important role in the health and well-being of Amish communities. Contrary to popular belief, they do not totally shun modern medicine if a serious medical condition occurs. However, they do prefer to rely on folk medicine and have an arsenal of natural remedies. The Amish uses a combination of holistic healing methods such as German medicine, Native American medicine and Chinese herbal medicine.
This particular remedy has been used to fight diseases such as high blood pressure, asthma, impotence, cancer, arthritis, ulcers, colds and infections. It is effective in reducing cholesterol, blood sugar, and it also strengthens the immune system. Once you experience its strong antiviral, antibacterial and anticancer properties, it shall soon become your favorite drink.

Drink it in the morning, before you eat or drink anything, for two weeks, and your blood pressure and cholesterol will significantly decrease.

We have already discussed about the benefits provided by garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar and lemon, so there reason you should not try this drink.


(enough for one dose)

  • 1 tsp of raw organic apple cider vinegar.
  • 1 tsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1 fresh garlic clove, grated
  • 1 knob fresh ginger, grated
  • 1 tsp raw organic honey

Note: As honey has the role of a natural sweetener, vegans and diabetics can use other sugar/honey substitute.


Blend all the ingredients together. Keep it in the fridge, and use it within 5 days.
Check the video below, and follow the instructions.


  1. You’d be amazed as how much natural foods are medicinal for us. Dumping man-made chemicals (i.e. medicines) into our body to fix something doesn’t always work in fact can make situations worse. Our bodies are designed to self repair, giving in to the power of love, fueling our bodies with proper nutrients and drinking plenty of H2O is a great start.

  2. Cure is a strong word implying that u no longer have the disease. Believe me there is no cure for arthristis/RA u can make things better but no CURE

  3. This is a health tonic that has a lot of health benefits. If you don’t eat right and exercise, it’s not going to do you a damn bit of good. You want to cure most of your diseases? Eat right and exercise. Stop eating inflammatory foods. You’ll be off all of your medications in a year. But that takes effort, which no one puts forth for their own health. I mean, why? People can go to a doctor and get a pill.

  4. The Amish don’t ingest all the chemicals and pesticides like the rest of us. They also do not use modern technology and are more connected emotionally. 30 years worth of study shows that these are the related reasons behind autism. The leading expert on the situation says that even without vaccines more than half the children born by 2050 will be autistic. You are what you eat and live.

    • naturalmedicinebox Reply

      Great Andrew. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. All I can add that for some reason our society has forgotten is Garbage in Garbage out. And for those who believe disease is something that just happens to your think again. Break the word down. Every word in our vocabulary has a meaning some may not be aware of Dis ease. arthrisits is one of the most easily cureable diseases there is however I know of no one who has it who is willing to do what it takes to cure them selves of it. It is 100% dietary issues. And I know there will be millions of people having a fit over what I just said as they are so convinced it is just something that just happened to them or they were born with it. So be it. All I can say is you are so incorrect it is just so sad!

    • naturalmedicinebox Reply

      Hi Cindy. If I am correct you are saying you are what you eat. And, this is true. Unfortunately, most of our food is contaminated with chemicals to make it last longer and look appealing. I read an article recently about the amount of outside chemicals that have been found in our bodies. The scary thing is they do not know what these chemicals are doing to our bodies. Well, to me the answer is obvious.

  6. naturalmedicinebox says:
    “Hi Cindy. If I am correct you are saying you are what you eat. And, this is true. Unfortunately, most of our food is contaminated with chemicals to make it last longer and look appealing. I read an article recently about the amount of outside chemicals that have been found in our bodies. The scary thing is they do not know what these chemicals are doing to our bodies. Well, to me the answer is obvious.”
    From: https://naturalmedicinebox.com/traditional-amish-cure-to-lower-blood-pressure-and-moretraditional-amish-remedy-that-cures-many-diseases/#comment-351

  7. They do use phones. We get product from Amish farmers for our store. They only have it to take messages then they some how get back to us. It is a long process but they do have telephones.

  8. Yes this is why it is even more important to eat only organic vegetables and fruits and know the ones that are the most contaminated than the others. Some are not important and can be easily washed off others not so much. I used to think I could get away with eating non organic bananas but tried an organic banana cause it really was not that much more in price and I did not get the stomach I get with regular bananas. It is possible to eat organic on a small budget. I make a very meagar salary and I manage to do it. It is just me and one income too.

  9. Elizabeth Fourakres Hollingsworth Reply

    i also believe that there is a natural cure for everything too. address any emotional issues as well. ongoing negative emotions cause more sickness than everything else combined. believe me, i know from personal experience.

  10. Bobby Barbati Reply

    Not sure where they get their information from but this is NOT, I repeat NOT an amish recipe.

  11. Patty Tedford Cupples Reply

    I make this, but I leave out the garlic & throw in cayenne pepper, it works! If we start to get sick, we take a dose before bed, better the next day, take another dose the next night and over it by the next morning. YES!

  12. Chrissy Bell Reply

    Daily green tea is one of they dietary remedies for arthritis!

  13. Chrissy Bell Reply

    Raw milk should be a part of eveyones diet and it is legal in the states if u buy a share of a cow!

  14. Chrissy Bell Reply

    You could make your own cheese & butter with it then you are getting no processed dairy in your diet with probiotics! By having raw food on hand you will not get the lactose issues that people get with pasteurized.

  15. Chrissy Bell Reply

    Herbs & raw whole food are the best way to go for the best health ever! My husband & I are in our 40s and are not taking any medication at all.

  16. Holly Jones Reply

    All our Amish friends have their teeth. Even all the one’s over 30.

  17. Queenn Martin Reply

    High bp high cholesterol diabetes plus other issues with DISH (no not the satellite provider.) I’m trying it today I’ll post how well it works.

  18. Bobby Barbati Reply

    @Duane, i work with the Amish. One of their biggest secrets is their adults and children that have problems such as autism. They hide them because they are defective. I cant recall the name, but they have a name for them. And all these post i see about the Amish eating so healthy is a bunch of bull. They eat just as bad as we do.

  19. Marge Becker Coufal Reply

    What is it ? I would like to know!! And fibromyalgia too ;, that would be awesome

  20. Apela Afoa Reply

    Thanks for posting this, just wondering,,what’s a good substitute for honey if you’re diabetic?

    • naturalmedicinebox Reply

      Hi Apela. If you definitely cannot have honey then try Agave Nectar or stevia

  21. We get raw milk from the Amish alot and it’s better then that pasteurized crap. Their vegetables and fruit have no chemicals and have a better taste. Amish are awesome people and make great friends.

  22. Marilyn Bennett Reply

    I drink it every day!! Doesn’t taste good but it works good. Haven’t been sick all winter.

  23. Charlene Clower Reply

    I have tried this, and it works. It takes about a month for the pain to be gone or ease up, but you want notice that the pain is gone because you will feel better at least that’s how it happened to me, so I did a little experiment with it, I quit taking it, within about three weeks I started feeling sluggish, no more pep in my step, started sneezing, and then the joint pain. Point is, while I was taking it, it was ridding my body of the toxins that had built up. I make a galen of it and keep it in the frig. I drink a glass in the morning and any other time of the day that I want a refreshing drink.

  24. I do not believe this, the word cure is so misused, misinterpreted.. I have learned and applied higher nutritional regimes to myself and helped others to completely reverse the problems with the body such as these and other issues thought to be lifelong and irreversible. Chesterine Montanbeau

  25. Many years ago I work for a DR. Whos wife got cancer, she got radiation and kimioterapie, and never lost 1 heirl , he used to prescribed por her, so there is a cure for sickness but the drug industry is very powerful. The lady died of old edge not of the sickness.

  26. Missy Rowe Usher Reply

    I like garlic in my food but I don’t know about drinking it?

  27. Molly Stair Meredith Reply

    Wonder what the study is of Amish with children of Autism?

  28. Fresh garlic!!! How do you NOT make your breath smell bad? We all know no matter how much you brush your teeth and gargle, once you swallow garlic, you’d be burping it for everyone to smell!.. All day and all night!

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