Drinking Coffee Every Day May Keep a Heart Attack Away
Breakfast in bed sounds really nice, but breakfast in a cup? Sounds pretty cool and convenient!
There will be no bacons, hash browns or crazy fries but you can indulge in the most delicious fat, guilt-free. You can simply put butter in your coffee as you normally go about your morning routine.
Yes, you got that right- butter coffee, then add coconut oil too. Now, this may be the weirdest thing yet to drink, but don’t be fooled! Bullet coffee or ‘fat black’ is hitting the charts in today’s latest trends at food stores, homemade recipes are easily accessible on the web, and you may run across it in some outlets as the smart coffee.
How smart is it exactly, and would you be willing to set aside your macchiato, latte, or luscious cappuccino? Learn more about this new craze at dailymail.co.uk and be enlightened as to why butter coffee is said to be the best way to lose weight, and more!

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