If you’re looking for a natural remedy to fight cold and flu symptoms, you’re going to be spoilt for choice.

Dr Axe, a natural holistic doctor provides 9 proven ways to fight flu naturally. Find relief from the dreaded sore throat, headache, muscle aches and pains. I can attest to the effectiveness of some of the ingredients mentioned, such as ginger, apple cider vinegar and garlic. Honey is not on his list. But I highly recommend you add manuka honey and garlic. Both are proven viral busters.

I recently came down with a dose of something very nasty.  I made the fatal mistake of not following my cardinal rule of taking my concoction before a cold takes hold.  I began taking the formula on the second evening when I felt like crap (excuse the language). By the next day, I was feeling much better, not fully cured, but able to function. My sore throat, aches and pains had disappeared.

So, instead of reaching for meds containing chemicals you have never heard of, why not try the natural route first?.

On page 2 you’ll discover 9 very good flu-busting options. Check it out.

Please go page 2 to watch the informative video.

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