It has been said that trying to pass kidney stones is as painful as giving birth. You men will now have some idea of the pain women go through during childbirth!. The medical profession has often dubbed the process as the “male childbirth”. However, you don’t have to go through this painful condition. have provided a potent recipe and 8 powerful natural remedies for dissolving kidney stones. Don’t suffer the pain, read and learn more below.

What Exactly are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are deposits of minerals – usually some form of calcium like calcium oxalate – that collect in the kidneys and can form small, pebble-like “stones” within the kidneys themselves. Positioning is everything when it comes to kidney stones: a stone can stay in the kidney for weeks, months or even years without a person having any symptoms. However, if the stone becomes lodged at any point in the ureter, extreme back or flank pain and bloody or cloudy urine can result.
At this point, a doctors will try to have a patient pass the stone naturally through pushing fluids and by given them strong analgesics to keep the pain under tolerable control. However, some stones are large enough that they require surgery to remove. The third option is to combine pushing fluids with the use of remedy like the one given below to dissolve the stone so that it is easier to eliminate naturally.

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  1. Naomi Garza Reply

    Works better with essential oils see every thing essential me website

  2. Kelsie Kaiser Holtje Reply

    Colette Pomerleau Pieper, Larry Pieper, Eric Holtje

  3. Willa Elaine Hess Reply

    Karol Chambers have you tried any of this, check it out!

  4. Just know that if it actually broke existing stones apart, it would be strong enough to break apart your soft tissues as well. Prevention is key. Stop Drinking soda (dark soda) that contains phosphoric acid, and stop drinking milk and knock it off with the excess calcium supplements.
    Phosphoric acid causes calcium to bind to itself starting the stone formation process.
    Lastly, there are zero, I repeat ZERO essential oils that prevent or treat your kidney stone problem.

  5. If anything, you can flush them out faster with beer or some powerful diuretic. Otherwise. .. you’re looking at a hospital bill so pray you can afford insurance.

  6. Velda Kibler Reply

    Jim Vicks you might want to save this. Even though I pray you never need it!! =)

  7. I use Lemon in my water. Research backs this up. Had kidney stones for years. Since cutting out oxilates and water in lemon daily. I haven’t had a stone in 5 years!

  8. Lemon and water will help dissolve stones. It is the citrate in the lemon that does this! I know! Had stones for over 20 years. Watch oxilates in my diet. It use to be stated to watch calcium which is not the facts now! I had calcium oxilates stones. Less calcium causes you to form them!

  9. Russell N Tammy Burdette Reply

    I don’t drink soda haven’t for 26 years I don’t drink milk and I don’t take calcium but I just had my first stone blasted in Jan. I drink water all the time. Was about the most unlikely person to get them. Actually was looking for another medical problem when the found one to lg to p$#%&!@*. Glad I didn’t experience the horrible pain my friends have from them. I have one friend that gets about 50 a month.

  10. Karrie Lindee Licatesi Reply

    I don’t drink Soda and I don’t drink milk. Mine seem to have formed during pregnancy. Recovering from having another 6mm stone removed, right now. My homeopathic doc said daily ACV and daily lemon juice is vital. As well as enough water.

  11. Robin Jenkins Furze Reply

    Thanks Ted. – Brian’s been having stone problems I’ll p$#%&!@* along :-/

  12. Lori Geller-Rosenblatt Reply

    Can also be from excessive protein intake, if you are prone to them. Need to find out what kind of stones you have (Uric acid, calcium etc.) to treat properly.

  13. Nida Tinonas Reply

    This great post Admin you can help my son with this. Hope it will work!!! Thanks a lot!!!

  14. Omayra Rivera Vidot Reply

    Many organic and vitamin stores sell a natural remedy called chanca piedra stone breaker in liquid works wonders google it that definetly works

  15. Lisa A. Kessler Reply

    I have a blood disorder that causes me to make 20 or more stones a year, UNTIL I met a Urologist interested in PREVENTION. He told me this remedy would put my life in danger. Always ask your doctor before taking anything. I had surgery in October, December, and February. Hopefully, following a strict diet will keep from making more. In my case, Omaha’s water has to many minerals in it so I can only drink bottled or filtered water. Good luck because it is the most painful experience ever and the surgery is worse.

  16. Lisa A. Kessler Reply

    Kathrine von Arx you need the calcium to bind with the oxalate in your body. The trick is to find a calcium citrate supplement without other stuff in it. You also need Pot$#%&!@*ium Citrate to keep your urine pH between 6.5 and 7. Lemon in your water helps too. Look up Dr. Stephen Leslie at Creighton. He explains on his website. This is the treatment for Calcium Oxalate stones. I don’t know the treatment for the other kinds.

  17. Lisa A. Kessler Reply

    Exactly. You need a calcium citrate supplement along with low oxalate. Pot$#%&!@*ium Citrate to keep your urine pH between 6.5 and 7.

  18. Lisa A. Kessler Reply

    You have to have surgery to remove your gall bladder befote the stone lodges in your bile duct. Only treatment is to remove your gall bladder.

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