1,   Coconut oil for scalp problems

 Do you have scalp issues. Try mixing coconut oil with tea tree oil and lavender essential oils.Éradication des poux et lentes sur les enfants

2.  Grow longer eyelashes

Put very small amount above lash line then gently rub onto eyelashes

3.  Nails

On cuticles to help nails grow

4.  Shaving legs

To shave legs with coconut oil, keep a small container of it the shower. In the shower, use a damp washcloth to remove most of the water from your legs. Coat them with a thin layer of coconut oil (this works best when you can prop your legs out of the shower spray). Use about 1 tsp. per leg – a little does go a long way.  Shave away, and don’t forget to rinse the razor often because the coconut oil can clog the blades. Once out of the shower, pat your legs dry. The coconut oil residue should leave your legs soft and moisturized, but you can massage on more coconut oil as a moisturizer, if you want. It will give your legs a lovely glow.

21 uses for coconut oil that you haven't tried

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  1. Great stuff. Let me know how you get on. Have you heard of oil pulling with coconut oil. Supposed to be great for dental health. Look back in the posts for What the Heck is oil pulling.

  2. Jan Hester Reply

    And, it is by far the best treatment for Athlete’s Foot fungus I’ve ever seen!

    • naturalmedicinebox Reply

      Yes, I love it. Kathy. I am using for oil pulling, which I have just started. And its great. Makes my teeth feel really clean. I am hoping to get other health benefits too. – Kind regards Mel.

  3. I use it in my skin care regime..I add my orange and lemon oil to it..it’s amazing ..has so many uses ..a spoon in my coffee to get my daily dose..read up on oil pulling..tried it with my olive oil..but gonna start using coconut oil instead..essential oils is another great thing to use for many many health problems..can’t and WON’T do without mine..orange and lemon has completely changed the skin on my face..

  4. Heather Nichols Reply

    It’s great to MASTERBATE with, and it keeps your $#%&!@* soft, and young looking

  5. Marie Walker Reply

    No wonder you don’t have an actual picture of yourself,you should be ashamed of yourself and your comment on this post!

  6. Angela Marie Ojeda Guzy Reply

    Used it on my second degree burn after it was healed over to reduce the scar. There is no evidence of where the burn was.

  7. Steve Popham Reply

    Heather is correct. I can’t personally attest to its effect of lady-parts, but my $#%&!@* has never been smoother!

  8. Lara Ouchi-Deutscher Reply

    If you mix in a smoothie will you get the same results?

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