Benefits of Moringa The Miracle Tree

A good friend of mine introduced me to Moringa oleifera two years ago. I buy it in powdered form from my local specialist health food shop. I like taking it because it gives me an instant rush of energy which keeps me going all day. Maybe it’s my imagination, but, when I take it I can almost feel it coursing through my veins. And it also gives me a feeling of well-being. You just put the powder into a juice or have it as tea (see tips). The taste is inoffensive and won’t leave you gagging like some superfood powders. You must try it, it really is amazing.

However, Moringa is not just for providing you with a boost of energy, it has many other health benefits which you will learn about in this article. Continue reading to find out more. I have also added a video from Dr Oz which talks more about Moringa benefits and methods on how to use it.

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